Mavyret Journal 8/8/2018

He didn’t tell me about nightmares, and neither did the doctors tell us about any of these possible side effects. more on that to come…


Mavyret Journal Excerpt 8.5.18

Eric is really fatigued & spends the day in bed to rest and have energy to play the show tonight and I spend the day in bed with him because though I’m not doing this protocol, my own anti-psychotic meds can wipe me out as well. So does this make us “Spoonies” now? At least under medication?
“The Spoon Theory ” on the internet is a way of rationing energy when dealing with ongoing illness or disability. Look it up.

Mavyret Journal 8/3/18 Excerpt

Mavyret Journals excerpt 8/3: we’re at MORUS to rehearse for the Tompkin Square Park Riot show. The show and rehearsal are being filmed by a crew for some documentary about art and politic on the LES. Meanwhile Eric has been having a lot of depression/mood swing side effects and retreats to the corner of the stage to set up his drum kit with Enrico, who’s been a great help to us. I start to unpack my gear, which Eric had packed this morning to try and distract himself from a stampeding barrage of I-don’t-know-what-through-his-brain…and the chord to the mixing board isn’t there.
Luckily he finds a way to improvise by running a chord from the amp to the 404 sampler.

The rehearsal is good. No nausea. But that’s pretty much it, after that, no energy.

Abcess Art

So hard to render an abscess in black and white. So I messed around with color filters on it. Here’s the original black and white version:

These are details from my story “100 Reasons Why” in the most current issue of World War 3 Illustrated. The story details trying to survive financially with a debilitating mental illness. This however was a physical injury I got con-currently that impaired my ability to work. I was a bike messenger at the time.

Between you and me, this wasn’t fun to go through, but it WAS fun to draw.

Burn Buyout Burn

These cards started showing up in the mail while our landlords were fighting us over the succession rights (you know the ones I legally had according to what was written in DHCR guidelines). It may not have been anything to do with that specifically though. Apparently these leeches are a thing now, like some sort of diseased scavenger that affixes itself to the back of a reptile-brained predator, they try to coax anyone with a rent-controlled or stabilized apartment to willingly enter into a buyout with a landlord.

Gentrification Gets A Middleman: Companies Offer To Broker Buyouts For Tenants

The article cites increased ANTI TENANT HARASSMENT laws as the reason one of these monsters gives for doing what it does. But a rent regulated apartment in worth holding on to, and there’s no guarantee one can set up comfortably elsewhere, it just gives these slumlords leeway to do their rent increases. So why be lured by these scam tactics held out like the proverbial razor-riddled Halloween candy offered by that card-carrying NAMBLA member with the windowless van?

The Eviction Machine Churning Through New York City (Hey! Our building and landlord group affiliate is among those mentioned in this! Coooooooooooool! It’s like knowing famous people who you never actually see!)

Tenants Offered Buyouts Are Left In The Lurch And this one is about how the fuckers might not even pay that buyout if you’re dumb enough to take it. Never trust a gentrifucker.

Mavyret Journals Day 3

Mavyret journals excerpt. My take on a Milford Graves documentary E.ric wanted to see. Afterwards we checked out a cat coffeehouse that was supposed to be based on a cat coffeehouse in Japan, except, not so much. Unless you wanted to make a reservation and pay a small fortune, like everything else in gimmicky, gentrified NYC. Bitch please, we drink Bustelo with rescue cats jumping on the table every damn morning. It’s called “breakfast at our apartment”.