This Fall From Abrams Books–Drawing Power

This is the project I’ve been working on under wraps for the past several months, and now the announcements about it are public. Yes Frank Atwood appears in the piece and yes the scene is graphically rendered, since people have asked me about that since the Forensics Files thing. But it’s not the crux of the story actually, if you want to know more about him, go watch Forensics Files or google it or something.

Speaking of Forensics Files, shortly after that I got an email about the #SurvivorsSpeak TwitterStorm tomorrow – Jonathon Lewis, who produces that show is teaming up with Crime Survivors For Safety and Justice, who are apparently a group advocating for survivors of violent crime to get a louder voice in the prison advocacy movements. (trust me, as much as I’m against these privatized, for-profit prisons, it can be like pulling teeth with some of these people to get them to acknowledge that not everyone in the world is in prison for a dime bag, even if a disproportionate amount are.)


Mavret Journals Day 1

This is from the summer, when Eric when on the protocol Mavyret for Hep-C. Mavyret had been approved by the FDA less than a year before this, and we had been jumping through hoops to get him approved as an eligible candidate for treatment under Medicaid at the liver clinic at Mt. Sinai. He’d been approved for Zepatir, but that day we went to get the medication, we were handed a box of Mavyret instead.

Random Art Journal Stuff

This is from last summer, I’d come from Ray’s and was talking with Eden and Jen. It was about the David Wojnarowicz retrospective, I remember, because there was this young guy at Jen’s book table who was intimidated by the show and the discussion, it seemed. He said he was afraid to look at inspiring art or other works or hear about the lives of the people who made them because it made him feel like a loser so it made me wonder this stuff and then I drew this creature who consumes crystals and shits out a vast fortune.

And L, because an anime character that looks like a little junkie hustler who hangs out with an old man all day eating candy and looking for serial killers = happiness. So, randomly threw him in there. Along with a Viking helmet skeleton and a kitten. Damn. That day just had everything, didn’t it?

Drawing Detail

Creepy metaphoric real estate developer snake. Apologies to snakes for insulting them this way.

The latest World War 3 Illustrated has a very nice review over at Comics Beat and my comic is mentioned as one of the favorites! Particularly they say:

Other favorite entries of mine include: Steve Wishnia and Marc McGill’s nightmarish testimony of a NYC cabbie trying to make ends meet; Tom Kaczynski’s “36th Chamber of Commerce,” in which freelancing is portrayed as a dystopian nightmare sold as pure freedom; J. Gonzalez’s “100 Reasons Why,” a sprawling and honest memoir of trying to survive with a disability, attempting to keep work in order to stay afloat;  Sue Coe’s “She Was Just Following Orders,” which is in a category by  itself, a traumatic indictment filled with nightmare imager pointed of Gina Haspe and the culture of disassociating itself from atrocities in the name of the law and the government; and Peter Kuper’s “Trump,” which recasts our national nightmare as a series of stories in old Marvel horror comics from the 1960s.

Should read “J. Gonzalez-Blitz” but hey. It should also say “Mac McGill”.

Platform Edge for NY Waste

From a previous issue, I don’t remember which one. I think this guy Nestor, I had this idea he was always trying to create a sex cult around which he would be the center, but he has no resources or ability. Of course, neither did Manson have much in the way of resources from what I understand, but I guess he had some persuasive ability, though his appeal eludes me when I see photos or footage, or listen to his music. Pleasant enough folk songs, but meh.