Watercolor on patterned paper.


Dementia Praecoxia – Berry Thief

Among the ruins , but someone (that giant owl in the background?) still considers the berries property. Not “I want them”, more like “I don’t want anyone I look down on taking sustenance from them.”

Like back in the 90’s, there was a story on the 10 o clock news about a pizzeria who’s owner poisoned the pizzas at the end of the night that were being thrown in the dumpster outside—-because he didn’t like homeless people eating them. The unsold, discarded pizzas. He had no further use of them. But homeless people , in his mind, shouldn’t be privy to them. So, this is an aspect found in human nature, whether it’s rational or not.

Praecoxia on the other hand, will fill the basket, take it back with hir and offer some to whoever s/he chances upon who looks hungry, and whatever that leads to it leads to.

Rat Journal 07 – Biopsy

I get a biopsy and Valentine gets Rat babies. Plus Survival Research health nightmares and MOMA party drunkorexia.

This is actually from much earlier this year. Spoiler alert for this video: This benign tumor, they’ve been monitoring it every six months to see if it’ll grow or do anything else. The other option was to just remove it at the jump, but I didn’t like being laid up and not being able to go to butoh class.

Actually out of commission a little longer than predicted, given they botched the procedure. I wrote about that on Medium:

And of course, rat babies, with proud parents Valentine and Ludwig.

Art! Books! Magazines!


This is the forthcoming issue of Pop Wasteland magazine which I contributed art to on the cover and inside. It will be debuting today at Philly Zine Fest ,so be sure to stop by their table if you’re going to the event. (I’m not in Philly.)


Also now available is the Latinographix Tales From La Vida anthology that I have a comic in, along with many other talented artists. If it’s not at a shop near you that carries graphic novels, you can order directly from the publisher . Or Barnes and Noble. Or if you must, the online behemoth that as of this week is poised to gentrifuck and destroy Long Island City. You know who I mean.