Ain’t Got Time For That Shit



Adam Parfrey, R.I.P.

From my Facebook art page

So sad to hear of the crossing over of Adam Parfrey, publisher at Feral House, Amok and Process Media. He was a great publisher and a great presence here online. Adam explored many facets of modern culture and thinking, and his willingness to explore the undersides, fringes, and extremes of the right, left, up and down could leave people uncomfortable, but understanding isn’t always found in our comfort zones. We’ll always know the legacy he left in the work he’s published, a man who was truly not afraid to take chances, not toe any ideological line, and be an individual thinker.

How Long


do you feel fatigued after a biopsy? I feel all unproductive and atrophied.

The end result was some “high risk” lesion and a pappiloma (apparently this is not related to HPV despite the name) and some old scar tissue.

Well I could’ve told them that last thing was gonna be there.

Anyway, enjoy some nice psychedelic chakra drawing I did in my sketchbook a while back over coffee…it’s probably more serene than my typical stuff.


Post Biopsy

tumblr_p6ad05o4qn1rot8cfo1_250Photo by Eric Blitz, after he brought me home from having a biopsy done two days ago.

Having a biopsy isn’t too bad. But the anesthetics made me sick. And once they wore off I was even more groggy somehow.

Anyway, below is another vlog. Still using up my end of the year footage. Wandering thru a janky pipe bombing musing on sex and disaster. Sounds by Astral Knife