Nothing To See Here

Nothing to see here, just attempting to copy a Toshio Saeki figure for fun. Actually, this is one of the things you can no longer see one tumblr.

Underpainting I began some time back. I really should fucking finish it, depression induce fatigue-by-proxy notwithstanding. I’m patterning the wings after this moth.


NY Scary Tale – POLICE RAID!

Another chapter of the Evil Hippie Cult saga over on Medium, involving what sounded like a Limp Bizkit tribute band gone horribly awry and a police raid.

Incidentally, if anyone would like a little “Evil Hippie Cult” supplementary reading, I came across this online the other day.

I don’t recognize the author’s name. It may be a pen name, or she may have gone by a nickname when we were there. I recall the “mock rape trial”, it happened in the garage when we were very new there. We weren’t invited to participate. We weren’t even told about it happening. Eric walked in from wherever he’d been that day, I was upstairs cooking, and he told me this was happening. The girl referred to as “Raven” (who’d never said anything about being FTM, though she frequently sent the house angry emails about being “triggered” by everything from a housemate’s choice of band t shirts to chicken feathers) WAS another house member, however. Don’t know why it says otherwise.

Happy New Year, and further NY Scary Tales of the Evil Hippie Cult.

The more fleshed -out story continues over on

The end of December and start of January were pretty hectic since I was part of some comic slideshow performances for the release of the new World War 3 Illustrated from AK Press here in NYC and Pennsylvania, a public Thelemic Winter Solstice Ritual, and there was New Year’s Eve at C-Squat. I didn’t play with the band this time (which was fine by me because in between doing all this I spent a week in bed with maybe the most severe cold I’ve ever had in my life). But Michelle Shocked came up and joined the band with Eric, Seth, Andy, and John Wagner on guitar for a surprise number.

NY Scary Tales on Medium

Reconfiguring my memoirs of the days in a screwed up art collective under the title “Evil Hippie Cult” over on There is additional text to the comics which were drawn in real time.

So, clap if you’re also on Medium, and if not? Pop by, read and enjoy our neuro and cpunk anti-hero adventures.

Ink drawing of a poppet doll I named Dr. Sangre, made for us by our friend Monica. Dr. Sangre appears later in this series. Inexplicably, under tumblr’s new asinine community guidelines, this image was also flagged and hidden. I have no idea why. But you can enjoy it here.