Balls Of Steel (One Man Show) And Astral Knife Will Be There Too

This Thursday!

Johnny Bizarre

From the band JUGGERNUT
Mr. Lower East Side 2013/2016?
“Most Perverted Man in NYC” Alt.Variety magazine

One Man Show.
(How much pain can one man ball’s take?)


Hosted by
CLOWN KONG (Double Debauchery)

Musical guests
Acorn Slim (Jackie puppet)
Adam Selbst Comedian (Big Irv’s, BK.)

THE Matinee Macabre
“Sexual Vampires. Do they really exist” (burlesque play)

MR. SMOKE (the most obnoxious puppet in BK.)

First NYC appearance of

Two-Headed ZIKA ELMO

Just added
Kalan Sherrard
Mr. L.E.S. 2015



And Astral Knife is Astral Knife


From Kether To Malkuth

And now, I just thought I’d post my coloring book piece, since we went by the Brooklyn Book Fair and I got contributor copies at the Feral House booth:


I’m number 13 in there! My lucky number!

The book can be ordered through Feral House here:

It was a good day, the weather held out, Howard Bloom was quite congenial in person (What? I became morbidly curious thanks to that incoherent internet ranter.), as was everyone else, though me and Eric only saw about half of the book fair anyway before the last of that adrenalin rush from the night before finally gave out. Now I’m typing in a blog and half watching Criminal Minds. I think I’ve seen this one.

contributor copies!!!


“Angel Or Devil, There Is You”

Drawn from my memory after Saturday night’s bombing, one which, despite a plethora of injuries, thankfully caused no deaths.We’d been across the avenue when it happened. A cop shoo’ed everyone from the area yelling “A BOMB JUST WENT OFF! ALL OFF YOU PEOPLE NEED TO GET OUT OF HERE!” I remember being surprised he spoke that bluntly to the crowd, but we were making our way east, along with some friends.


Red and blue alarms surrounded us. In life or in death, Eric and I were joined, moving calmly through the flashes. Eric had apparently made some promise to my Dad though, to keep me safe, if there were ever an attack again, so he kept saying he had to get me to safety. But later in bed he said he felt the same sense of it all.

Feral House debuts Coloring Books @ Brooklyn Book Fair

This Sunday is the Brooklyn Book Fair and Feral House/Process Media is going to be there at table 501, among lots of other great stuff at that both they’ll have a limited preview release number of the David Bowie coloring book, the one I contributed an illustration to.


From the site:

This particular Feral House adult coloring book is the most anticipated of the series. Hundreds of Bowie fans have begged for inclusion in the volume since Bowie has been a life-changing influence for them, due to the icon’s transformational aesthetic in gender roles, pop music, and movies.

Among the contributors to this book are Mica O’Herlihy, Mike Diana, Steve Krakow, and Tony Millionaire.

You can also swing on by that page for information about a coloring contest, it looks like.

And here’s more overall about Feral House at the Book Fair (Booth 501) including information on author signings and such*.

*”such” includes zany discussion posts! who wants to guess my ideological affiliations based on my miscegenated genes, skepticism about Howard Bloom, belief in the 1st Amendment, and acquaintance with Micheal Moynihan?  Better yet, who wants to bite me?




Pronoblem Francis Baalberith

This week has been strange. Eclipsed by the fact that our friend, artistic collaborator, and political activist, Pronoblem was killed while riding a motorcycle in Connecticut on the night of September 11th. This year it’s been more of my NYC friends reliving visceral memories of being there (not flag waving and conspiracies, sometimes that almost seems like you’re talking about something else). This year I still wake up some mornings planning what I can make for Abuelita that she’ll eat without a fuss before I remember that she’s not here anymore. Now this. Now someone else is not here anymore.

I remember performing together with Urchestra and Satan’s Answering Machine, sneaking into Lowell Cemetary in pitch darkness for an improv jam session on Kerouac’s grave, tea and Jung’s Red Book, Occupy Wall Street,dosas, cookies shaped like Yoda, Pronoblem’s fantastic masks that even appeared in a Pixies video and sound sculptures for him or Eric to play on…RIP/in LVX


This journal strip hasn’t been inked yet, but this is prime what hanging out with Pronoblem was like: