Inevitable… (Dementia Praecoxia Diaries)



On a side note, it’s kind of funny when I hear people say that the MeToo movement is becoming a “witch hunt”. Because amongst other things like excuses for church land grabs or satiating ergot-fueled mob mentality? A big thing witch hunts were about was the silencing and persecution of disagreeable women – the termagants, scolds and viragoes, the midwives and healers who were competition for that new town apothecary, the ones who had gotten too old and “ugly”…or the ones who were still too young and pretty and had refused the advances of some Big Important Man.

“She’s a Wytch, she is! She curdled the milk in yon pail and the man-milk of my gilded lily as well! She hast consorted wythe the Devil and given suck to his member, yet not throweth me so much as Ye Olde Pity Fuck! BURN HER!!!!!”

Yeah, that’s witch hunts. Kind of the opposite of Me Too.

Anyhow, this particular drawing from the DP series I ended up using in part of a triptych I showed at Art On A during the holiday show.

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Sea Witch


Snapped this on my phone of the first painting I finished this year. Acrylic on canvas. I spent most of today painting, at last, since there was apparently too much of a blizzard to do anything else.

As I’m typing this Eric is reading me some wonderful quote about art and the subconscious from Austin Osman Spare, but I can’t type fast enough to repeat it on here.

“Art is the instinctive application of the knowledge latent in the subconscious”

Aw, he went and re-read it all slow so I could type it in! ❤

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Future Positive New Year’s Eve


Normally I avoid being out for New Year’s Eve like the plague or Santacon, but tonight we’re performing at this party as the Direct Action Ensemble with Seth Tobocman (and our comic collaboration earlier in the night)

8:00 – Doors – looping slide show – “Gentrification Comes To Manahattan”
8:30 – Start time – transition to LES Squat Slide Show – intro to MoRUS and TimesUp! Anniversary Show
8:40 – LES UnReal Estate Squat History slides – some narration by Fly and vocals by Marta
Transition :: Riot Story by Fly
9:00 – Carla :: No Police State
9:10 – Maggie :: Squat Slides and Stories
9:30 – Eric Blitz & J. Gonzalez Blitz :: Comics Slide Show
9:45 – Martonians ::
10:10 – Fly :: Times Up History Comic & some Squat Comics/Sketchbook Slides and Stories
10:40 – Seth Tobocman & Direct Action Ensemble :: Comics Concert
11:30 – 12:15 – Rude Mechanical Orchestra
End with Banji

So that’s what that is. I have to go down to MoRUS with Eric to do set up and sound check before going to my final butoh class of the year before going to play this gig, so, Happy New Year

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Piercing For Pleasure


Just an intimate moment from the end and beginning of a ruined world somewhere.

Earlier today I was thinking how content I was that we had heat, not like before in Brooklyn where our area was walled off from the radiators cuz…Evil Hippie Cult logic.

When the radiators were even working anyway.

Tomorrow I’m taking part in this public Thelemic ritual.