Work In Progress

I know I usually only post pieces that are finished, but I’m just itching to use my new site, so, here’s a preview:

This is an acrylic I’ve been working on titled “Sprague Dolly” (yes, like the song). Sprague-Dawley is a strain of rat used for experimentation purposes. It’s pretty horrible. I envisioned a rat grown huge and with extra limbs (I saw a five limbed rat once at Coney Island) who has become Queen Of The World.

The glares on the painting are from an iridescent pearl acrylic. I bought it to paint a set of devil horns I’m going to attach to my wedding veil and decided to try it on the painting. While it looks beutiful on the horns, I think it might be a bit much on the painting. Or it might make her more regal. I can’t decide which.


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