…And His Dick Is Probably Smaller Than The Needle

Grafitti spotted in a unisex coffeehouse bathroom: NO TOP QUALITY CHICK HAS TATTOOS. DON’T BELIEVE ME LOOK AROUND YOU.

My brush-penned response (I didn’t have a sharpie): YUPPIE DOUCHE, PUT YOUR SHIT IN THE TOILET, NOT ON THE WALL. P.S. GO BACK TO THE UPPER EAST SIDE

Yes, I’m aware they probably came from an NYU dormitory. I just wish they were contained to the Upper East Side.

Or perhaps I’m being sexist to assume it was written by a needle-dicked male. Maybe it was some yuppie female who discovered her NYU freshman year boyfriend licking the knob of some inked up lady. I should stop mentioning NYU so much. They’ve already bought up the Lower East Side, they don’t need this much real estate on my blog as well.

Anyway, we got a bigger room on the first floor so I have a lot of moving to do this week. I just wanted to post something since I signed up for this and left it untouched after the first day.


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