New At The Too Negative Site

Around the mid-00’s, I did Too Negative comics for a webzine called Pop Trash that was run by a girl named Sabina. Though the site now seems to be gone, I found one of the strips I did for it tucked away in a folder on my computer and decided to put it up on my site. At the time the character of Myrtle had only appeared in one other strip, and I wanted to contrast her views with Dahlia’s. I also had a lot of thoughts in my head about how feminists are stereotyped as “man-hating”, but it’s usually the very ANTI-feminist, very conventionally gendered women like Myrtle who say stuff like this/hold these views of men, which I find misandrist. Other than that, the coloring came out kind of weird and Dahlia looks kind of beat up in a couple of panels, but oh hell. I’m sure it’s just self-inflicted.

To see the full comic page, click here:


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