6/27/05 Bad Idea

This is part of the Bad Ideas page.

To think, I drew this on my birthday five years ago! Starla is perplexed by the expected gendered behavior found in Hell (Hell in “Too Negative” more or less mirroring society’s collective flaws and hangups) while Dahlia, aware of the score, takes a perverse pride in being scapegoated. The old “coming from you that’s a compliment” routine. Part of the freedom of being a devil is not playing into this crap (though Myrtle certainly buys into it–she’s a different kind of demon, I think.) I’ve dealt with both the outright ostracism Starla is facing here and also the more complex competition/sabotaging that I think it evolves into when you’re dealing with someone a little trickier. Perhaps I should do a series of comics based around that sort of thing.


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