Hellbilly Aaron! From Too Negative #9

Ok, so in the past year or so it’s become this big thing amongst the Brooklyn hipster guys to look like a hillbilly(or rather, some concept of a hillbilly gleaned from old Looney Tunes and Snuffy Smith comics). I’m not just talking about “ironically” drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon or wearing trucker hats. Nope. We’re light years beyond that. I’m talking big bushy beards, overalls with one strap, you name it. There’s even a collective house called “The Trailer Park. Anyway, the other day I was working on some new material and I went to reference something from Too Negative #9, which came out in 2006, and it occurred to me that the lead in story is about the hipster-nerd character Aaron becoming a mountain man! Did I call it or what? So in honor of this trend I decided to post the whole glorious, stereotype-ridden 7 page story on the Too Negative site. (Of course at this point to hillbilly trend is being superseded by one where they try to look like a member of Gogol Bordello crossed with the Altoids guy. But I don’t have a comic about that.) Anyway, click the image to go to page one, or the link here:


The other thing about this story is that it’s the first thing I drew upon being released from the mental hospital and I was pumped full of Geodon when I did it. I’ve talked before on my now-deleted LiveJournal about how different medications affect my artwork in different ways. Both Seroquel and Geodon were a bitch to draw on. Or do anything on, really. Screw those drugs.


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