painting detail

Here’s the corner of my latest acrylic painting I’m in danger of overworking–no, maybe not, I can’t decide. Don’t ask me what that blurry line running through the image is. My scanner–it’s old.

At least I’m becoming bolder with applying the paint.

By the way, yesterday marked the anniversary of the death of Ida Craddock (click the link to see a page about her presented by the O.T.O.) I’ll admit, I basically just learned who she was and haven’t been this intrigued by a historical figure since I learned who Phoolan Devi was. Basically she was a sort of pioneer of what would be considered “sex-positive feminism” today (or at least, before the meaning of that got sort of twisted around by certain people.) She was repeatedly prosecuted and jailed for the bluntness in her writings about female pleasure and sexuality. Although some of her views come across as archaic today (fingering is bad? Really??), she was for the most part ahead of her time. Sadly, she ended her life rather than be sent back to the workhouse she was sentenced to by the forces of censorship of her day.


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