This isn’t the last comic in my mini sketchbook from 2005, but it is the last one based on the “Odd Girl Out” book. I’m not sure I’m crazy about the “wanna make out” punchline, since neither of these two characters are supposed to be attracted to one another, and Dahlia’s interest in doing so seems more to flaunt the conventions listed than any desire to get with Starla. If I ever end up re-drawing these I’ll probably think of something else. As for the lists of “ideal girl” and “anti-girl” qualities themselves, I did not make them up, they all came from the girls who participated in the study. Still, some of the things mentioned jump out at me, particularly traits that have to do with ethnicity, sexual orientation, or class demonstrate how much intersectionality (sometimes called “kyriarchy”) sexism has with these other types of oppression. Which at the time I guess I articulated by drawing swastikas around certain words.

Anyway, I’m off to put this up on the site with the rest of them. Haven’t worked much on my art this week as Eric has had three different gigs to play, one that took us out of the city to Long Island (we got called “a bunch of Marxists”! OOH!!), and one(with artist Eric Drooker) that he was asked to perform at three hours before it occurred. All the shows were great, of course.


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