Yeah, this was just…being subjected to an easy listening station and these were the two songs that came on one after the other. The Daniel Powter song, which puts me in the same frame of mind as Killbaby in panel 3, followed by “Everybody Hurts” by R.E.M. I actually think that one is ok, but still, I saw it as punchline fodder and ran with it. It is true that in the mental hospital at Mt. Sinai they did leave on easy listening in the nurses station a lot. I don’t know if they really felt it would soothe the patients or if they just liked it. But one time the song “Ben” by Michael Jackson came on and I broke down because I missed my rats horribly. Luckily this went unnoticed. P.S.–Here’s Crispin Glover’s video to “Ben” which features lots of ratty cuteness, including the Gambian pouch rat from the “Willard” remake:

Yeah, I want a Gambian pouch rat. No, we don’t have space between four cats and four Norwegian rats. Plus I’m not entirely sure it’s even legal to own one in New York state. Oh well, at least yesterday we bought a new scanner/printer dealy so I no longer will have those weird white lines running through images I post.


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