The T-Rex & The Unicorn Were Fighting For The Crown

Sorry I don’t have more of a commentary to make on this one but I can’t for the life of me remember what I was thinking when I wrote it. I think I just wanted to draw a dinosaur. That and I find the idea of unicorns funny somehow. I equate them with little-girl nerdiness–I had a trapper-keeper in the 6th grade with a unicorn flying in space that I just thought was THE SHIT, and around that same time I made a habit of semi-religiously viewing The Last Unicorn at least once a day after school. I find the association with virginity both interesting and hilarious–as if some magical animal would be preoccupied with the human constructs of “morality” and “purity” attached to some random girl’s level of sexual experience. Especially an animal with a phallic symbol sprouting from it’s forehead.

Then again, a horse that’s preoccupied with a woman’s level of sexual experience? Bet Chuck Paladino watched this video every day after school too. Until he started having funny dreams about the Michael Cera-esque magician character at the Pride Parade in Speedos. Also, I hold the soundtrack by 70’s balladeers America solely responsible for the existence of Fleet Foxes.

Though perhaps the coolest thing about unicorns is that they have real life, underwater counterparts. Narwhals.


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