Monster Women With Tattoos

Watercolor of the day has a very southwestern feel, which is odd considering how I couldn’t wait to get away from the place as a kid. I had an urge to do more monster women, and I felt like I should have them engaged in some sort of activity rather than just posing. So why not tattooing?

By the way, the tattoo design is Kokopelli, a co-opted Hopi music and fertility diety who has become ubiquitous in Arizona, along highways, street signs and what have you. I’m not sure how his image is used in Hopi culture, but white Arizonans stick them in their front yards like they were lawn gnomes. Not that they have “lawns”. They have “desert landscaping” which means they tear out the actual desert to put in a bed of gravel, one lone barrel cactus, and of course, Kokopelli.

And don’t get me started on miniature Kachina figurines…


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