Deputy Dubya Deep Fried Texas Souls!

This is from a 4 page comic that originally ran in a Milwaukee based anthology called “Riverwurst”. Though Bush is no longer president, I felt like sharing it on the Too Negative website anyway.

The theme of the issue was George W. Bush – obviously – and I didn’t want to do the typical “Bush is bad no blood for oil” type comic I predicted most people would do. However since I DO think Bush is bad I didn’t want to write anything positive about him either, just for the sake of being contrary. So I concocted this story in which Bush travels out of body to Hell, where he is hailed as a fast food mogul due to his sending so many people to the chair in Texas, the souls of which the devils feast on. Bush of course becomes preoccupied with the fact that the souls, like all crappy fast food, are deep fried in oil, and ruminates on invading Hell in order to obtain this oil.

Wow. Damn. I told practically the whole story there. But I haven’t given away the ending at least! If you want to read the whole thing, here it is:

By the way, this was done in 2004. We didn’t even have the mishandling of Katrina yet for source material. Sheesh…


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