Pigs In Hell

When my uncle first told me about Hell and The Devil at age 4 (I’m not sure why, since he was the last person on Earth to give a flying fuck about religion, morality, ethics, or human decency in general), for some reason I envisioned The Devil as looking like a smiling red pig. I remember being fascinated by stories about Hell and would ask anyone and everyone I could to tell me all they knew about it.

Though now I identify as a Thelemite and as such don’t subscribe to the Judeo-Christian notion of Hell,the fascination with it has stayed with me and is a big influence in my work. Also, Satan/devils in the popular Western conception (ignoring for a moment Hindu devas or Japanese concepts of demons and such) tend to be little more than a projection screen for ideas and emotions that humans tend to want to repress or deny in themselves. Which makes them perfect characters to me to portray the human condition. (plus I just find them funny.)

Anyway, I thought I’d paint my first idea of a devil today.



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