Delerium Tremens

The other day I was listening to a version of “Delirium Tremens” by the band Beat Circus and it inspired me to do this. Combined with memories of what may be the coolest piece of animation Disney ever came up with:

All songs designed to describe the “horrors” of alcohol, but instead beautiful and intriguing. Though real delirium tremens are those things accompanied with alternating chills and sweats and uncontrolled vomiting. I experienced this once, and thought I was having on of those near death experiences you hear about at the time. Only when I got to the light at the end of the tunnel, it was flashes of orange and red in the blackness. Ummm…

I actually drew a comic about this incident a decade after the fact, in response to a solicitation from some beer company (I think it was Anheuser Busch, but don’t quote me on that) looking for cartoonists to do autobio stories about drinking. It turns out that they were actually looking for happy good-time “whoo-hoo kegger!” kinds of drinking stories, not ones that depicted “the abuse of alcohol” or combining it with other substances. Even prescription ones. At least that’s what they said. But honestly, it was the most interesting thing that had ever happened when I was drinking. All the good times drinking in my life, although fun, were uneventful. Besides, I’ve always leaned toward the sordid in my work, even myself in sordid states. But anyway, here’s that comic, shared here for the first time:

Happy Indigenous People’s Day!


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