11/2/07 comic

Another freshly-colored comic to add to the Too Negative site’s page of more recent strips. I’m not sure but I think this is the first comic I wrote with the idea that Starla could be romantically interested in Aaron. I think I felt the character primarily existed to fill the role of “smarter than Dahlia”, and writing a crush for her would make her a little more interesting and human(for an alien, anyway.) I remember when this first ran in NY Waste, someone or other recounted it to me as “the strip you did where the girl tells the guy she’s not on coke.” This not only confirmed my suspicion that nobody reads the Waste while they’re sober, it made me notice that while Starla denies being anorexic, she in fact does not deny being on coke. Hmmmm…

Huh, it’s almost two in the morning and Band of Gypsys is on the radio (they’re going to be doing Jimi Hendrix stuff for the next several hours), my husband is asleep and I’m here obsessing over comics and temperance. That’s cuz’ we slept till two in the afternoon(after falling asleep the night before in front of the Ray Johnson documentary How To Draw A Bunny) in our valiant efforts to participate in Buy Nothing Day. It worked too.


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