More Prince Randian art

Prince Randian, aka The Human Caterpillar, reflected in a soap bubble. Click on his name to see the photo I worked from, as well as his biography.

Not that this is the first time I’ve drawn him. Well, maybe the first since March 9th of 2005, apparently.

That’s right, Ladies and Gentlemen (well, particularly Ladies), he could roll a cigarette, light it, and smoke, ALL WITH HIS TONGUE. A cunning linguist, I’m sure.

Apparently he could paint that way as well. I wonder if anything he’s painted survived? Searching the internet turns up nothing. Paintings by the likes of Hitler or Gacy have their own sites*, however paintings by Randian apparently are lost to the annals of time. And I can’ seem to go a day without finding some random thing to be pissed off about, but that’s ok. Most people call it “anger issues” or “low frustration tolerance”, I call it “paying attention”. 🙂

*No, I’m not posting URLs. Do your own damn legwork if that sort of thing interests you. Hitler’s work looks like hotel lobby paintings and Gacy’s work looks like that of  a 7 year old who wants to join the circus. The only reason they have art handlers now other than, is because they’re famous for being horrible people.


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