“Inverted Obelisk=Apep=Evil”

At least those were the notes I made on this sketch done at the MOMA. Which doesn’t even depict Apep. That’s his nemesis Set, with a semi-realistic version of the heru udjat to see through.

Before all the occultists start in with their one-upmanship commentary about whether or not Apep is seen as truly “evil” or Set not having stars and stripes on his head or informing me of the symbolism behind obelisks just to show off how much you know about the subject, let me just state: This is NOT a literal interpretation of Egyptian mythology. I’m well aware of that and I don’t think in the unmedicated state of flux I was in at the time that I intended it to be either. Looking at it, I think it speaks volumes more about my schizo-affective disorder and ambivalence/mistrust of higher authority than it does about Egypt, Kemetism, Thelema, Theosophy, or anything else that deals with ancient Egypt, however tangentially.

And I’m totally ok with that. Shouldn’t art be about seeing things in unique ways and playing with concepts, rather than just regurgitating them? Either way, I think I’m going to flesh this out and turn it into a painting, because even though I haven’t looked at this for five years I’m finding something about it more compelling than the sketches I posted yesterday.


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