Vikings and German exploding toads

More sketch journal pages published for someone’s amusement. First we have a viking attacking the sun, for some damn reason or other:

His shield bears the solar rune “Sowilo”, so maybe he’s aspiring to become the sun. But y’know, first he must overthrow his tyrannical predecessor. Or more likely, I just thought vikings were funny in a Black Metal kind of way.

Next up we have an exploding toad:

In April of 2005 there was a rash of news stories about exploding toads in Germany that was all the rage for about three days, then never mentioned again. There was never one concrete reason given for this amphibian spontaneous combustion, though the Wikipedia entry on Exploding Animals  says scientists had two leading hypotheses. One was that there was some sort of fungus in the waters the toads drank, and the other was that it was some sort of defense mechanism against crows gone awry.


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