Holy shit, it’s Dr. Donut!

Here’s a sketch I did while working as an extra on the set of the John Cameron Mitchell film “Shortbus”.

We were shooting scenes in some DUMBO club that I guess was supposed to be like a cross between Rubulad and Squeezebox, if anyone reading this has ever been to either of those places. This guy was called Dr. Donut and they must have done about 5 takes of Justin Bond kicking him out of the salon, here’s the scene:

I also managed to incorporate “Too Negative” characters into the fun (and it was fun, despite long stretches of inactivity). Here’s one with cameos by director John Cameron Mitchell and stag performer Murray Hill :

Yes, the bathroom door was really marked “trannies”. Here’s some other thing I did on the set:

I think this might have been at the point where John came up short of hetero couples to participate in the full sex scenes. No, I didn’t offer. FWIW, John Cameron Mitchell is really nice though. He was the first person to explain to me why, despite NYC being more exciting during the Koch era, Koch himself was a total bastard. (And by the way, if anyone knows where to find the legendary footage of Koch on TV telling businessmen to come to the Lower East Side to get their dicks sucked by green haired girls, can you tell me a link? Eric and I have searched YouTube and come up empty.)

And confessionally? I have never actually seen the completed film. I should make a point to DO that, y’know?

UPDATE 1/6/11 – We Netflixed the film and finally watched it last night. The scene of the one guy singing “Star Spangled Banner” into the other guy’s asshole? That alone is worth the price of admission.


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