7/15/05 Bad Idea-Carpal Tendril Syndrome/Abstinence Rant

During 2005 I was lucky enough to enjoy a brief gravy train of freelance work from this guy trying to launch his own franchise of children’s characters. His directionless M.O. caused the financier to back off before I could quit my day job, but not before all that extra drawing (in addition to what I usually do) gave me my first bout with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Nothing that couldn’t be fixed by sleeping with braces on and doing some hand and wrist stretches I looked up online. But I decided to pass CTS on to Aaron as A)it’s a cartoonist inevitability, and B)he’d be far more melodramatic about it.

As a side note on this series of comics having “Ideas” in the title, today Feministing had this post regarding some of the teaching curriculum of the “Abstinence-Only” programs in schools. Apparently not only is premarital sex filthy and evil and leaves girls (but not boys) on a par with spit-out Hershey’s Kisses and hair-covered pieces of adhesive tape, they won’t even get as far as that if they do pesky, unladylike things such as having their own IDEAS. That’s right. As the video recounting an abstinence-only textbook lesson illustrates, boys will be SO put off by a little missy who offers up her own ideas and suggestions on things, that he’ll flee in disgust and horror, finding another, suitably less-imaginative lass to sully (after marriage, of course!)

What complete and utter bullshit. A simple look through the history of the arts will reveal a plethora of women artists, writers, and musicians who were successfully partnered, presumably with men (or women) of a much higher caliber than those who engineered the abstinence only lessons. And what’s a major part of being an artist? Coming up with IDEAS, hello! If women who used their creativity didn’t scare off the likes of John Lennon, Diego Rivera, John-Paul Sartre, Jack Parsons, etc. etc., why should the intelligent and creative women of today settle for men of closed minds and weak wills? Fuck ’em.

There’s also a link to a site where you can write your Congress members and tell them to end funding for abstinence-only curricula. Fine by me, so both Eric and I sent letters. Why should our taxes go to destroying the self-esteems of potentially creative girls across the country?



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