Terrible Toys Past

Occasionally I’ll work more three dimensionally. While I’m ok at it, I’m pretty lousy at photographing the results, but here are a couple of pieces I made for something that was known as the Terrible Toy Fair in the early 2000’s. It was an annual show curated by Emma Louise, who ran a creepy-cool gallery called The Dollhaus (no relation to this blog’s title) in south Williamsburg, in a space I’m quite sure is something insufferable now. The pics from that Mz. Pakman photo shoot sometimes floating around on the web were done there. Anyway, the Terrible Toy Fair seemed very therapeutic in helping artists with gothy overtones work through that phase where we want to mutilate dolls (come on, we’ve all done it! At least once.), but it was also a hell of a lot of fun. Here’s some of the pieces I’ve done for the show based off Too Negative characters.

I made a plush toy of Killbaby Kill one year, all out of red and white stockings and a furry brown purse I found at a 99 cent store in Bed-Stuy. It occurred to me to take a picture of it for my website today and I’m giving it to Eric to tie to the front of his drum kit at shows, because he wants to. So there’s that.

Next is a Cletus the Fetus pickled punk made out of Sculpey and painted with acrylics. And once again a 99 cent store (this time on Myrtle Ave.) provided the jar and the substance he’s encased in, these packages of day-glo, malleable goo called “Nickelodeon Floam”, whatever that is. They were probably sitting in that toy aisle ever since “You Can’t Do That On Television” was canceled, tragically freeing up Alannis Morrisette to launch her singing career. Gotta love 99 cent stores. Anyway, I let Emma Louise keep it as a going away present because she moved up to Canada for a while. Hope she didn’t run into Alannis.

Anyway, last I wanted to share some street art I saw when Eric and I were coming back from an exhibition by the French art collective Nazi Knife at Secret Project Robot. (BTW, it has nothing to do with Nazis. I think they just call it that to get attention.) Schizo humor done in sharpie on a wheat paste. Upside down cross by, I dunno, someone else who wants attention.

So that’s all I got for now. I think I want dinner.


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