7/16/05 Bad Idea: More Carpal Tendril

Aaron’s travails continue. Though things aren’t all for nought; he’s scored his first actual conversation with his dream girl, Sandy!

Speaking of Aaron, doesn’t the latest incarnation of the Privilege Denying Dude meme look like it could be him? Though this one doesn’t quite equal the sheer douchebaggery of the original smug golden boy. This new PDD looks like he would have been the bullying victim of the original PDD. Still, there’s a certain truth in this image as well–I’ve certainly dealt with more than my fair share of these angry bitter comic nerd boys who espouse the same kinds of attitudes as those smug frat boys who have it all. Some of them can actually be a little nastier even. The character of Aaron sort of evolved out of one too many internet exchanges with this sort of privileged, patronizing sexist geek, though he’s actually written considerably friendlier than some of the worst of them I’ve had the displeasure of coming across. And please nobody trot out that tired old maxim about internet arguments and the Special Olympics. If you live by your convictions and speak your convictions in person or in your art, why wouldn’t you also do so on a computer screen?

Though I shouldn’t just single out the nerds–I’ve encountered douchebaggery in nearly every “subculture” I’ve ever been exposed to. Punk, Goth, Steampunk, Neo-Pagan, whatever. Even amongst the so-called “activist” community who are purportedly dedicated to eradicating the status quo. I’ll tell you one thing though. I don’t care if you have custom made vampire fangs, big chunky glasses, a closet full of vintage punk rock t-shirts, or a top hat covered in “Victorian” gears you spent hours gluing on yourself. If you’re a misogynist, racist or homophobe, you’re no different than that suburban jock who probably beat you up every day in high school. You’re about as cutting edge as a Q-tip.

Anyway, this has already become about a bunch of stuff other than what this comic is about. It’s just a gag about an amoeba who hurt his wrist, for fuck’s sake!


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