Art events

If you’re in New York City, here’s some stuff going on that I and my art are involved with. And even if you’re not in New York City, check out the Trigger 93 website for ordering info:

12/7/10-2/7/11 GRAPHIC RADICALS: WORLD WAR 3 RETROSPECTIVE at EXIT ART A short comic I did for World War 3 Illustrated has been added to the WW3 retrospective show at Exit Art Gallery at 475 10th Ave. The piece, which dealt with Giuliani’s crackdown on strip clubs in the late 90’s, has somewhat fittingly been hung around a large pole, where viewers can circumnambulate to read the story in it’s entirety. More information on the show can be found at the Exit Art website.

Though this show has already had it’s opening party, there will be another party in mid January where Eric will be performing, but more on that when it gets closer. Also this Friday is this:

12/17/10 TRIGGER 93 RELEASE PARTY Trigger 93 is a new literary publication in the tradition of Semiotext<e> dealing with the arts, magick, and psychology, among other things. The theme of the first issue is “The Word”, and I have a new “Too Negative” comic in it dealing with the topic. The release party for Trigger 93 will be Friday, December 17th in the Westbeth Community Room at 57 Bethune St. I will also have some new art on display at the release and will possibly be performing with my husband, percussionist Eric Blitz. (Eric will also be performing with Seth Tobocman, who is also a contributor.) To learn more, and find out how to get the magazine, visit their website:

Like I said, I’ll “possibly” perform. If I get this spoken word piece written up in time.

Also on Saturday we’ll be up in Woodstock, where Eric will be drumming with Seth Tobocman’s slideshow at the Kleinert Gallery at 34 Tinker St. from 3-5 PM. The show is hosted by The Golden Notebook. And I’ll be up there with comics.


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