Concerned Devils For A World Free Of Mental Enslavement

Here’s the other reading I gave at the Trigger 93 release party. It’s more lighthearted than the murder-in-the-Smithsonian-sex-work thing:

Concerned Devils For A World Free Of Mental Enslavement

© 2010 Jenny Gonzalez-Blitz

The following is a message from Concerned Devils For A World Free Of Mental Enslavement. It has been brought to our attention that many are seeking to adopt the lifestyle of a Devil simply by donning a pair of horns (perhaps accompanied by Betty bangs). Being a Devil is not merely a pair of horns. Why, yes, it’s true that our horns signify our enjoyment of our Lusts – but are you aware that they are also indicative of our ability to goad? But again, this is too much focus on the horns. A big part of Devilry lies in what lurks in the brain under those horns. Yeah, your brain. You gotta use it too, you know. For Devilry is not just an eagerness to flash and commodify the Body, as many have been mislead to believe. Being a Devil is an endeavor of Body, Mind, and Soul. Yes, we do possess souls–errr, that is to say we have souls. Indeed we may be some of the few left in the world who do! No longer satisfied to be the repositories for the collective hang ups of the psyches and libidos of the Occidental world, we Devils are here to do what we’ve always done. And that is live outside of Restriction. Our thighs can caress you as we wrap them around your body, or they can help steady us as we deliver that roundhouse kick. Our tongues can lick you in places you’ve been told were forbidden by “those who know best”, or they can unleash a verbal torrent that exposes the bullshit that keeps you “in line”. Either way. We discern what we see fit, and act accordingly.

I’m Jenny DevilDoll, and I approve this message.


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