International Draw Jesus Day – Hyperallergic

Here’s a drawing I made and submitted to the art site, for their International Draw Jesus Day event. The drawings will be published at Hyperallergic on Dec. 26th.

See, he’s celebrating his birthday with the Essenes and the Disciples, and they got him a DVD of “A Fire In My Belly” as a gift. Last year when I had artwork up as part of Flaming Fire Eternal Christmas, Vice Magazine’s blog commented “Nothing says Christmas spirit like a guy puking demons”. (The series of drawings, which Patrick wanted to include in the installation, was originally done for their illustrated Bible project. It was the “Legions” story from the New Testament.) I suppose the 2010 update for that comment would be “Nothing says Christmas spirit like Mel Gibson blowing his brains out.”

As for Jesus’s seemingly affectionate behavior with the Disciple, it could be me being a wiseass, but it also has some precedent in the Nag Hamadi gospels, which do contain descriptions of James and one of the other guys-I forget which one-sitting in Jesus’s lap, stuff like that. All in all, if you tune out the Religious Reich Right, and look into stuff like the Nag Hamadi gospels (which also contains The Thunder, Perfect Mind) and the Essenes, the season gets incredibly more bearable. Even if most of the music still blows with it’s forced, manic-episode like cheeriness.

Long Haired Radical Socialist Jew – Hugh Blumenfeld:


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