The Yuppies Theme

Walking home from Nick Zedd’s art opening at Microscope gallery, Eric and I saw a group of drunk yuppies singing in the types of cracked falsettos that would put hair on Klaus Nomi’s chest. So we wrote a song for them to sing:

Here we come

Buying up the street

With our Manolo Blahniks

Strapped to our feet

Hey Hey we’re the Yuppies

And people say we shoot artists down

You better get out of Tompkins

We’re gonna gentrify your town

We’re just spending our trust funds

We’re making the cool bars go away

Cuz we’re the young generation

And we’ve got nothing to say

THIS JUST IN: A Yuppie would like to offer this counterpoint:

Brah, you’re dreaming if you think we’d sing something set to the tune of The Monkees. We only listen to Lady Gaga (she’s sure out there, don’tcha think?!) or whatever else we are told by the media is currently “in”. Also, STFU because we work all week in Dad’s office and we want a little peace and quiet on the weekend, fuck you and your so-called “punk shows” and “art openings”.


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