11/14/05 sketch from the laundromat

Fuck yeah! Rules were made to be BROKEN, MAN! Especially the ones that are in place for an obvious reason, and that no one with common sense would do in the first place.

So , before I lived in a groovy art collective with access to a washing machine, I would often bring a book and/or some art supplies to the laundromat to keep myself occupied. The only diversions the laundromat offered were some tattered fashion magazines, a TV tuned to telenovellas or sitcom reruns, and an “Outrun” arcade game (how many years ago was that popular anyway?) Anyway, that’s where I managed to capture this scene covertly. You’d think I wouldn’t need to be covert, because the screaming baby in the cart full of dirty clothes should have distracted her, right? Somehow she had that completely tuned out.

Meanwhile, if you’re suffering from a lack-of-motivation winter doldrums like I’ve been, you can always waste time like I did yesterday with this Julian Assange coloring book. Or you can just meditatively ponder why such a thing even exists. I have actual new artwork on the way, but in the meantime there’s always this:

Is that color scheme hip or what? Aren’t you having the edgiest seizures? Eat your heart out, Paperrad.

(P.S. That’s supposed to be a knife in the window but I guess it came out looking like a dildo. Oh well.)


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