7/19/05 Bad Idea: Lil Miss Carry

Finished inking and coloring this. Of all the little comics in the Bad Ideas book, I was happiest with this one.

I drew this playing around with my own tocophobia, which was much more severe around this time in my life. I mean, I’m still childfree, pro-choice, and regard my own miscarriage as cause for relief rather than mourning (of course I wasn’t trying to conceive either, which makes all the difference in the world.) But at the time I drew this, even the sight of a pregnant person, even a magazine photo of a pregnant celebrity or whatever, would make me feel panicky. This stemmed a lot from other personal dealings, I think, which have since subsided, to the point where I can feel happy for friends’ pregnancies (who DO want to conceive) and attend their baby showers and such.

Still, for Devil Dahlia? Somehow the idea of her giggling maniacally at her own miscarriage is fitting. It’s timing with the shower being turned on suggests that something is being washed away rather than lost.

Also at this time I was looking at the work of Usamaru Furuya and was influenced by the creepily unsettling, nihilistic tone in his work.


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