Radio Appearance Tonight/Tomorrow morning!

Just a heads up – tonight both Eric and I will be on the Radio Unnameable program on WBAI, Pacifica radio 99.5 FM, from midnight to 3AM. We’ll be on with Seth Tobocman, Rebecca Migdal, and Andy Laties to discuss and promote the World War 3 retrospective currently up at Exit Art Gallery. As mentioned previously, I have a piece I did for World War 3 on display in the show (as do Seth and Rebecca, of course!) and there will be a live performance tomorrow night at 7 PM with Eric providing percussion with Andy Laties on horns (both with Seth Tobocman and Rebecca Migdal.)

Radio Unnameable is hosted by Bob Fass & Bill Propp. Bob Fass was an associate of the Merry Pranksters back in the day and can currently be seen in documentaries on Wavy Gravy (“Saint Misbehavin'”) and Phil Ochs (“There But For Fortune”).


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