Radio Unnameable archive from last night

It’s right here: I come on about an hour and twenty minutes into the program and read a somewhat bowdlerized version of The House Leader & The Sex Worker (“sperm” instead of “cum”, etc. ) which may seem ironic considering the piece touches on censorship, but I didn’t want to be the douche who gets an independent, listener-sponsored station hit with fines. (Yeah, I know back in 2001 I was screaming about the clitoris when Mz. Pakman played live on WFMU. But technically that was ok, look:)

Anyway, the whole atmosphere was really fun and relaxed. Thanks to everyone involved! In addition to the WW3 people, we were joined by Darlene, an advocate for Picture The Homeless, and Fran Luck, who I got to know back in the 90’s going on her radio show. That was on Steal This Radio, a pirate radio station that often moved transmission locations and probably didn’t have a frequency outside of Alphabet City. Now she hosts a feminist talk show called “Joy Of Resistance” on WBAI. So yeah, there was that too. Damn, speaking of which, as I’m sitting here typing about feminist radio, they started playing Ike & Tina Turner and Eric is changing all the words to be about how she should’ve set him on fire. Or hit him with a bat, it’s kind of freestyle over here.This is why I love this guy enough to have married him. 🙂

I love having these headphones on. It's like we're all serious or something.

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