latest watercolor

Bradley Manning as Prometheus. Metaphor as  sledgehammer.

Of course, in real life he’s not on a mountain, he’s in a cell underground. But I couldn’t bludgeon viewers with this mythological analogy by being that accurate, now could I? Nor could I have accurately captured his mood with the iconic, grinning and corn-fed Manning photo we’re all familiar with, so I worked a lot with this more recent image that has surfaced:

Manning is reported to be held in a plain white cell, forbidden from exercising, watching tv, or having any other sort of outside mental stimulus. He is woken up from sleeping. This has been going on for months. Which to me suggests at this point (and probably all along) this treatment is entirely punitive rather than an attempt to get any information from him. Does anyone seriously think for a minute that someone in that state of isolation and sleep deprivation has the kind of grip on reality to talk about anyone else at Wikileaks, if he even knows them as anything beyond screen names? Hell, at this point he probably doesn’t even know what a computer is anymore. The U.S. got busted on torture and espionage and their way of dealing with the situation was simply to torture someone else. Wow, that’s sheer genius.


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