Creepy Nurses & Gothic Lolitas(with infants growing out of their skulls)

Another page from my sketchbook for my site. Let’s see, those are the creepy nurses from “Too Negative”, the bigger one is named Nurse Battleaxe. I never named the other one, though she’s the first thing you see on the site.

And then some gothy looking girls who look like they’re auditioning for a remake of “Basket Case”. Were these new character ideas? Were they based on someone I saw out, and then I just added the heads? I totally do not remember the context of this.

On an unrelated and far more relevant note, today I’ve been following the Twitter feeds of @janehamsher & @davidmhouse in their futile attempts to pay a visit to Bradley Manning. Though the visit was pre-approved, they’ve been getting the runaround, interrogated, stalled, detained, and at one point even denied a simple trip to McDonald’s for lunch, and this has been going on all day. With real-time updates to the public. Despite the oft-cited cliche that Twitter is a bunch of people talking about what they had for lunch (to the point where even saying that itself is also a cliche), I see this as an adaptation and extension of what Hunter S. Thompson defined as “Gonzo journalism”, very in the moment, very first person. I can only imagine what Thompson himself would have done with the platform had he not blown his head off before Twitter’s inception. I can only imagine what Manning himself would have to say if he were currently allowed to have one.

Apparently the conclusion of the day’s adventure was that they were detained conveniently until visiting hours were over, and House at least is returning home for work tomorrow, at least as of three minutes ago. Yeah.

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