The Inner Lives & Deaths Of (Human) Stars

“Every Man & Every Woman Is A Star”

The Life & Death Of A Star (source:

The life of a star consists of a conversion of mass into energy, transformation/ascension. A man or woman ideally would reach toward creative energy, or in lieu of creativity, seek excellence in whatever their field of interest may be. The Human creates and imagines, constructs ideas about aesthetics and beauty, philosophizes, and ponders meaning and existentialism.

I was at a delicious Italian dinner tonight with members of my Thelemic Temple, and one table over from us were a yuppieish couple on what appeared to be a date. I could overhear that their conversation had turned to the subject of drawing. “I don’t have any standards for drawing” the guy proclaimed. (Sadly, this opinion seems to be shared by a lot of hot indy comic commodities today. But I digress.) While I know that not everyone shares my passion for drawing, I still had to wonder what culture of mediocrity would produce someone who wears their lack of standards–for ANYTHING—as a badge of honor??? The current emotional crisis state exhibited in many circles–commonly labeled “hipster” or “trustafarian”–stems from the trend of embracing mediocrity.


1)There are stars that simply burn out and become dwarfs, and eventually lumps of carbon. They cease to have Light, but they fail to become Black Holes.(More on Black Holes later.) Like narcissists who have unwittingly stumbled into the Abyss in their own self-satisfied blindness. They don’t realize where they are, and become increasingly predatory in their quest for self-aggrandizement. They may prosper for a while, but will eventually be annihilated. (For more on this, see Aleister Crowley’s essay “One Star In Sight”)

2)A passionate star can violently self-immolate – a Supernova. A human may be driven to this by their own intensity, or by a major paradigm shift, or by things I cannot foresee. From a Supernova two things may happen:

A)NEUTRON STAR/PULSAR – a dead (transformed) star made of neutral particles. Is neutrality an achievement of Balance? Or apathy and anhedonia? Some become pulsars beaming energy stolen from a companion star. Psychic vampirism, magickal or psychological.

B)BLACK HOLE – a collapsed Dark Star so powerful that not even light can escape it’s gravitational pull. Known as a “singularity”. Unity through embracing darkness and nothingness? The Ain, the complete absence, nothing? The beginning of the path to Ain Soph Aur, the “limitless light”, ironically. No one knows what is through the Black Hole. One must live as passionately as an immolating star, collapse into and transcend the Black Hole state to reach this.

This has been a bunch of random thoughts I’ve had today and cobbled together. This is what I do at 2 in the morning in the middle of the week. However now that this is out of the way I can resume my creative endeavors. Here’s “The Darkest Star”, in the spirit of this post:


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