The Proof’s In The Ink

So you know how in my last post I wrote this on self-proclaimed geniuses?

“note to everyone in general: even if you actually ARE a genius? Describing yourself as a genius makes you a douche. A double-dip douche with sprinkles and a top hat. Really.”

Well, this guy courtesy of The Smoking Gun pretty much proves my point. Douche got arrested for pistol whipping a pregnant woman. Disturbing, depressing synchronicity.

Portrait of the young man as a double-dip douche with sprinkles and a top hat

Sorry, Jerome, I think you or your tattooist are a bit confused. Fortunately dictionaries are available to help.

genius noun \ˈjēn-yəs, ˈjē-nē-əs\  plural usually geniuses a : a single strongly marked capacity or aptitude <had a genius for getting along with boys — Mary Ross> b : extraordinary intellectual power especially as manifested in creative activity c : a person endowed with transcendent mental superiority; especially : a person with a very high IQ

Hmmm, no. Don’t see it. Let’s try this out.

misogyny noun \mə-ˈsä-jə-nē\ : a hatred of women

miso·gy·nic \ˌmi-sə-ˈji-nik, -ˈgī-\ adjective
mi·sog·y·nist \mə-ˈsä-jə-nist\ noun or adjective
mi·sog·y·nis·tic \mə-ˌsä-jə-ˈnis-tik\ adjective
Yeah, that would work better.


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