This Saturday! Surreal Estate presents Reading Chaos

What began as a night of literary readings at Surreal Estate has evolved into a full-on multi-media art assault. I’ll be on hand exhibiting original art, selling Too Negative, and doing spoken word rants and glossalalia/unholy vocalization. Eric will be creating soundscapes with Ken Bradburd and Brian McCorkle. Trigger 93 will be on hand, with readings by Ayesha Adamo & Tamara Wyndham(who will also be one of the featured artists.) Nick Zedd and Monica Casanova will be showing art, and there will be some original Pete Missing pieces (though he’s still in Berlin). Here’s all the current info:


Independent Media (Have A) Blast

Saturday, February 12th, 5-8:30PM

Surreal Estate | 15 Thames St. | Brooklyn NY

Join us for Happy Hour at Reading Chaos, a gathering to celebrate and support independent media in the face of an ever homogenizing corporate machine.
$5 Suggested Donation

Refreshments & Food For Thought
Sponsored by
Oliver Arts & Open Press
with Surreal Estate NYC

take the L to Morgan Ave. to SEE to HEAR
reading by:
adam engel author of CELLA FANTASTIK and
phil rockstroh
the poet and essayist and
Helen Tzagoloff author of LISTENING TO THE THUNDER
eric larsen author of YORICK published by oliver arts and open press
Gregory Marszal author of I AM NOT DEAD
alan salant
author of ABLONG published by oliver arts and open press
(as read by Quinn Hechtkopf)
barbara mor
author of THE BLUE RENTAL published by oliver arts and open press
(as read by Marg Uerite)

video & infotainment by Priya Warcry and Many More TBA 
illustration by Jenny Gonzalez-Blitz, Lucy Valkury, J Zannoni,
Nick Zedd, Monica Casanova,Tamara Wyndham, & Peter Missing
speakers from Trigger93 Magazine (Ayesha Adamo, Tamara Wyndham)
& Writing Chaos Writers Group
(workshops are for elves not writers) Music by DJ Hidden Agenda &
Singers, Songwriters, & Musicians of Surreal Estate with
special thanks to Eric Blitz, Brian McCorkle, & Ken Bradburd.
+ Zines, T-shirts, Prints, & More

To offer your publication or other media for sale or free at Reading Chaos please contact
reading is an intense form of writing reading is an intense form of writing reading is


Yeah, so that’s what I’ve been doing the past few days. And I still have to put things together, and we’re going to an art opening on the Bowery tonight. So, um, until Saturday? Sit tight and here’s some Missing Foundation doing their part to make NYC better:


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