Unreleased “Devil Deer” Comic

First page of three. To be taken to the full story, click the image or go to http://www.jennyillustration.com/jennydevildoll/Bucky001.htm:

About three years ago, fellow cartoonist Katie Skelly invited me to contribute to a zine anthology she was putting out at the time called Synthetic Visions. The theme of the zine was “experimental sci/fi and fantasy”, and I came up with this three page, surreal vignette involving a deer and a pixie–pixies are fantasy, right? The zine never saw print as Katie focused her energy more into her fantastic “Nurse Nurse” series (good choice!) and the comic sat untouched in my files – until today, when I decided to add it to my site.

This wasn’t the first time I had sketched the little deer character, though.

The pixie character, Esmie, I’ve also drawn a few times since, though she’s been slowly developing a somewhat more murderous personality:

I’d like to expand on these characters, tell a longer story with them. There have been starts and stops and drafts of longer works, but nothing seems exactly right to me. It will come, though. It will come…


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