Pretend This Is A Sketch Of A Great & Terrible Thing…

Actually, it’s an art model from a Draw-A-Thon held in some Williamsburg coffee house. Now, as most life model studies are exercises for artists or art students, usually done in a lower end sketchbook and not on the Good Paper, and of little interest to anyone but the most self-obsessed of art models themselves, I’ll spare everyone uploads of countless anonymous posed nudes. But this one I shared because I rather liked it–the self-styled masks she’s both wearing and holding. Lets not imagine her as someone looking to make a bit of cash off the books, shall we? Let’s pretend this is the incarnation of some terrible dark Earth Mother, at once both primal and thoroughly modern. A Gaia for present-day biohazardous America, ruling over waterways of toxic sludge and medical waste, soils contaminated and unable to yield anything that’s not corporate Monsanto seed, landfills of the non – biodegradable plastics that make up her masks. (I sense a painting coming on…)

Ahh, it’s been a bleak day all around. Without airing all the dirty laundry, I’ll just say much of my vexation revolves around a psychotic neighbor’s nighttime prank involving garbage and a razor, attitude from a trustafarian I had the unmitigated gall to upstage (well, ok. I found that part more funny than vexing.), and a cat with worms doing…what cats do when they have worms. And it’s about time for his next dose of medicine. I consoled myself for a while by conducting imaginary conversations with Arthur Rimbaud, but by now I just want to curl up with my beloved husband and watch Donnie Darko, because he’s never seen it. And it has schizophrenics, scary possessed bunnies, and an evil “think positive” douchebag. Oh yeah, and of course “Sparkle Motion”. In fact, here’s the “notorious” Sparkle Motion now upstaging some fat self-styled “goddess”(or whatever that first kid’s supposed to be):


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