Auto-Tuned Music Sucks Censors They Must Die

By now you may have read the news stories of the 11 year old Colorado boy who was arrested over a stick figure drawing. The boy, who’s name has been withheld, is diagnosed with ADD and had been instructed by his therapist to draw a picture when he was feeling angry or sad. So he did just that. And got handcuffed when the school decided to report it for some reason.

Now I’m not sure why music sucks – does he mean music CLASS? Yeah, I remember elementary school music class sucking. How many recorder recitals can you perform and how many folk song sing-alongs can you endure? But whatever, at that age I was drawing satirical comics involving my teachers and vice-principal involved in drug orgies and ritual human sacrifice. And recording soundtracks for the stories with my best friend. (We were kind of geeky, so sue me. What did you do at that age, pep rallies and hangouts at the mall food court? Jesus…) Anyway, in an act of solidarity, I decided to pay tribute to this budding young artist, and protest the fact that his means of creative expression has caused him to be so persecuted:


HELLO, this is for satirical purposes you stupid fucks!

I’d like to institute a national “Draw A Violent Picture Day” for disaffected people everywhere. Come on, it’ll be funny!


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