Ari Up drew this horse in my sketchbook!

I was going through some old sketchbooks, circa 2003, I believe, and came across this:

I was introduced to Ari Up through a mutual friend who was hosting some sort of open mike night in lower Manhattan. I was actually very depressed and self-conscious that day because I had come from some soul-crushing legal-coding temp job. One of those fascistic typing pool type deals where you have to have a manager enter a door code if you want to leave to use the bathroom and someone usually tries to involve you in an impromptu Bible study in the break room. I think it came through the downtown temp agency I was referred to through someone at Woodhull’s outpatient center, a place that was supposed to specialize in helping “indigents” – anyway, so I go to this open mike and Ari was there and we were sitting at a table with me being very tongue tied–but she was friendly and when she saw I had a sketchpad drew this horse in it. A horse which, in retrospect, seems to perfectly sum up my opinion of pseudo-corporate temp assignments. I blurred out the number because Eric says it still belongs to the family.

So there you have it–this one time, I met Ari Up, and she drew a pot-smoking, pooping horse with a boner in my sketchbook! Ari Up, R.I.P.

The Slits – Instant Hit (Mislabeled as “So Tough”)

“FM” live – needless to say this is my favorite Slits song.


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