These are your boobs on Risperdal

Yeah, what can I say about this? It’s based on an actual side effect I had with Risperdal, which apparently it’s kind of well-known for. And my reaction was pretty much the same when I found out it was due to the medicine and not an unplanned pregnancy. Unfortunately, the doctor nonetheless felt it necessary to switch me from Risperdal to Seroquel, the most evil substance I’ve ever ingested. Seroquel has been the subject of a sex scandal and cover-up involving both Astra Zeneca & the FDA, and yet the shit is STILL peddled on the market! They’re scum, Astra Zeneca. I’d call them snake-oil salesmen, but snake-POISON salesmen is more like it.

My impression of Risperdal...

My impression of Seroquel. Need any more be said?

2 thoughts on “These are your boobs on Risperdal

  1. Hey there,
    your impression of Seroquel pretty sum up my experience with quetiapine. I absolutely Love your creativity.
    Take care 🙂


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