7/26/05 Bad Idea + Upcoming Art Show

Continuing on with the bleaching idea. This time I decided to color it a sickly, yellowy-green rather than blue. Beyond that, the commentary in my previous entry still stands.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to annouce that I will have work in the upcoming Pen & Ink: Illustration As Fine Art show put on by AMF this Saturday, March 26th. I just dropped off the work tonight, in some combination snow/hail situation. (As a side note, I tend to get angry when it snows after the Vernal Equinox has occurred. I don’t know, it’s like Nature is cheating.) Anyway, the show is at King’s County in Bushwick, at 286 Seigel St. Take the L train to Morgan, get off at the Bogart St. exit, and it’s just a short walk away. I should also mention that around the corner at Eastern District gallery there’s another group show opening as well, this one with work from Souther Salazar and David Choe. So you know, for those of you who didn’t get into the sold out performance of Robert Crumb with the East River String Band, yeah, there’s that stuff going on too.

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