Nuit As Devouring Mother – new watercolor

Granted, I haven’t come across anything referring to Nuit/Nut as a devouring mother archetype. But She embodies the Universe, which is in itself infinitely black and absorbing. So why not?

So I painted this thinking about absorbtion, movement, chaos, stars being born and exploding, light that radiates but fails to be reflected by anything else, and blackness.

The housing situation is still dragging on, and event after event distracting my attention from my creative process, with Mocca about a week away, as well as the Anarchist Book Fair (Eric is performing in that April 9th) and the graphic novel show April 9th at I Made An Art gallery in Red Hook. Keep watching this space for info on these things. Right now we have to get ready to go into town to see ICP (Instant Composers Pool, not the clown guys from Detroit. Though they entertain me too.)

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