Bad Idea 7/29/05 Nail Bomb


This was a comic I put in the sketchbook for no other reason than I was captivated by that newspaper photo at the top of it. It was a model of a type of bomb used in a series of bombings on the London Underground during the summer of 2005, I don’t recall if they actually turned out to be tied to Al Queda or if they were just suspected. Either way, it evolved into this nonsense.

As for the punchline, one would think that between the time this was drawn and now Ted Rall punchlines would have become passe (I think the last relevant thing that happened with him was either a racial slur about Condoleeza Rice or something to do with special needs kids in public schools). And let me just say, not a fan of Condoleeza Rice here, however, not a fan of that antediluvian slavery-era phrase either. Ironically however, a Facebook friend re-posted some obnoxious post-Mocca Fest quotes from him and he was as bullying and douchey as ever, so WHEEEE! Punchline swung back around and got relevant again! That was an even faster turnaround than hipster 80’s nostalgia! (Damn, you know he googles himself like 20 times a day, so this is not gonna end well.)


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