11/8/07 Too Negative

Tasteless joke regarding that time we all found GHB in the Aqua Dots. Actually it was all just a pretext to draw a missle annihilating an entire organization of pedophiles. The Aqua-Dots thing also prompted me to write the Rubber Room Rats song “Chinese Toys At Christmas” which–ehh, it’s not one of the tracks on the Myspace, apparently. But anyway, even though I’ve never seen an Aqua-Dot in person, someone who did apparently put a whole account of attempting to trip off them online:


You gotta love sentences like “I find the salty sensation of 1,4-butanediol dissolving into my mouth to be oddly sexual. I chew some more.” But all said and done, it sounds like those red Aqua-Dots were the most intriguing of all:

“The reds stare at me with their demonic eyes. I put the red Aqua Dots down the drain. I can hear them scream and shout curses at me as I wash them down. They say I will be reborn in hell as a mutant cripple in eternal pain. But I am the lord now, their words can’t hurt me. I turn on the garbage disposal and my head lights up with holy fire.”

OOH I almost forgot to show off this postcard I got at opening for the Crumb show at Society of Illustrators. I bought this pack of ten cards just to get this image (the others are good too), but this makes me think of the mental health rep making a case that I have to do something artistic every day as part of my treatment, also I feel violent impulses when I’m prevented from it.

It really is all some people know how to do...


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