New Watercolor of a girly hatchet, The Scary People, & Mass Murder on CD

So I painted this after someone made and idle comment on a message board asking if anyone else remembered Holly Hobby. I did remember having a pillowcase with a picture of her on it when I was a little kid, and being very perplexed by the side view of her with the oversized bonnet, which for some reason I perceived as her have a giant ax or similar device where her head ought to be.

My half-aunt sneeringly explained to me that it was actually a big hat that covered her head, which convinced me instead that if Holly Hobby were ever to turn her head, there would be an empty faceless darkness peering out from beneath that bonnet, like a Gnostic conception of the Goddess Sophia, but perhaps that’s a painting for another day. For now here’s Holly Hobby as a hatchet, watering her garden of severed, shrunken heads. I thought of calling this “Holly Hatchet”, but that sounds too much like “Molly Hatchet” a 70’s rock band about whom I know nothing.

But anyway, while I’ve been sitting here painting my girly pictures of bloody sharp objects and decapitation, Eric’s been having quite a day. When he went out to get our breakfast this morning, he came across an art-walk guide giving some Australian tourists a tour of the street art here in what he(the guide, not Eric) called “East Williamsburg”. (BUSHWICK!!!!! THIS IS CALLED BUSHWICK!!!!! YOU STUPID REAL-ESTATE BELIEVING FUCK!!!!!!) Anyway…the guy was apparently explaining to them that when you see shoes thrown over a telephone wire or street lamp that used to mean “drug dealers” but now it means “safe happy neighborhood”. Partial credit on the former, WRONG WRONG AND DEAD WRONGon the latter. Then some of the younger girls in the group pointed at an image of Nick (Zedd) on one of the “Blank City” posters that have been papered throughout the neighborhood and asked who that was supposed to be and what the poster was about.

The poster in question. Nick is in the upper left hand corner, with the camera.

The guide dismissed the question with “Those are the scary people.”


So finally, upon returning home after all this, Eric checks the free rack on the second floor. He has a knack for finding something really cool discarded there, whereas whenever I pass the free rack all I ever find are uninteresting pit stained T-shirts and iPod socks. So today he discovered this CD:

It’s a compilation of recordings of various cult leaders and occult personalities. Now, looking at the names on this CD cover, I gotta say this. And I’m saying it as a Thelemite. Crowley’s bid for “The Wickedest Man In The World”? EPIC FAIL. I mean, I see four names listed on the cover of this CD. But I only see one name that does NOT have a mass murder and/or suicide story attached to it. Guess which one? Sooo…you smoked a little pole and did some drugs dude, were the Victorians all THAT scandalized by that? Oh, what am I saying? There are people in the so-called “moral majority” that are still scandalized by that kind of thing in 2011!

Though by the way, the CD also includes stuff about the Moonies a.k.a Unification Church, L.Ron Hubbard, the British Order of Druids, and Yehoshu’a, a.k.a. Jesus Christ.


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