Kurt Schwitter’s Ursonate in Rochester

So in about an hour Eric and I are heading on the road, for the purpose of performing Kurt Schwitter’s Ur Sonate (or Sonata In Primeval Sounds) up in Rochester. This is my first time doing vocals with the Ursonata!


Kurt Scwitters was a multi-faceted visual artist and poet from Germany, who worked in mediums ranging from cut out collages to partially reconstructed houses. The Ursonate is a dada sound poem comprised of phoenetic sounds found within the German language only..no actual German words. It’s pure vocalization/sound formation.

Meanwhile, when going to pay a phone bill I discovered this statue erected in the memory of Andy Warhol. Eric thinks he looks like the Silver Surfer, but I say the Tin Man:

It’s right outside of the old Silver Factory site, which is now a Petco. Because in a city where Bloomberg and gentrification are hell-bent on stripping away any art culture, even someone of Warhol’s status must turn to grooming dogs. And Joe Dallesandro.Of course, this is the Petco where we originally found Vodka Yaga. I’m occasionally subjected to a deluded narcissist who insists (sometimes quite futilely to my husband) that they are the new Edie Sedgewick. But obviously it’s Vodka!


Actually, she has more the brooding melancholy of a Nico, wouldn’t you say?


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