TaRAT: The World

Jeez, have I even touched the TaRAT deck in the past year? Anyway. here is The World:

I guess my next step in this undertaking will be to go back and rework all the Major Arcana cards I drew in the years I was on Seroquel or Geodon, because I hate the hell out of everything I drew when I was on those shitty meds.

Then I suppose I’ll start the Minor Arcana. I had this idea that for Pentacles I want to use Yogies, which are these little yogurt treats that rats go crazy over. My only question is if non-rat people will even know what a Yogie is? Visually, I guess they sort of resemble multi-colored Hershey’s kisses.

So, we had a blast doing the Ursonata up in Rochester. The MUCCC (yeah I forget what it stands for) is in a deconsecrated church with acoustics to die for. It’s run by a guy named Doug Rice. We worked with a great bunch of musicians whose backgrounds ranged from experimental noise to Broadway. I got the impression that there is a small but tightly knit group of people interested in art stuff up there. They were also interested in the comics that Rebecca Migdal and I (but mostly Rebecca, who also did a solo show the night before) brought up with us to sell.

We also spent time playing "Southern Gothic killers in the woods" or something.

Eric with found percussion objects

Pronoblem with a fluxboard.


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