Living In La-La Land

A little over a month ago, I, like half the alternative comix community, started a daily journal comic. This is what the first sketchbook entry looked like:

True story there, folks. Actually, kind of what prompted me to actually try a journal comic exercise, because although I’ve seen a number of these types of strips, I don’t think I’ve ever read one where someone assaults a taxicab while wearing a giant rat on their head, and that just seemed like the kind of thing that ought to be drawn.

The working title is “Living in La-La Land”, because that’s something my mother sometimes said of me as a kid, and then years later I heard it as a lyric in an early Dresden Dolls song, leading me to conclude that this must be some kind of thing understood by people besides my Mom. I’ll also be collecting these strips over at Webcomics nation, though I can’t promise anyone anything as lofty as an “update schedule”. I pencil one a day. Ink and color? Not so much.

I also have to say, I’m very saddened to learn of Poly Styrene’s passing last night. I regard her as one of the women who’s work I was very inspired by in punk rock and readily admit being influenced to some degree by her vocal styling. So Poly, wherever you are, thank you from another girl singer who looked up to you & your ilk to learn to be seen AND heard. Loud. May light be extended upon you, from me, Eric, and MY PET RRRRRAT!!!!!


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