From The Preliminary Remarks to Book 4 by Aleister Crowley

Because I feel like putting it up here.

“Of course great men will never conform with the standards of little men, and he whose mission it is to overturn the world can hardly escape the title of revolutionary. The fads of a period always furnish terms of abuse. The fad of Caiaphas was Judaism, and the Pharisees told him that Christ ‘blasphemed’. Pilate was a loyal Roman; to him they accused Christ of ‘sedition’. When the Pope had all the power it was necessary to prove an enemy a ‘heretic’. Advancing to-day towards a medical oligarchy, we try to prove that our opponents are ‘insane’ and (in a Puritan country) to attack their ‘morals’. We should then avoid all rhetoric, and try to investigate with perfect freedom from bias the phenomena which occurred to these great leaders of mankind.

The bolding is as it appears in the book, by the way.


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