8/2/05 Bad Idea posted anachronistically + Angus MacLise

A comic about Lughnasadh, initially drawn around that time, but I finished coloring it now. I remember  that I drew this gag because I had been at a public Lughnasadh ritual, back when Wicca still held some resonation with me, and one of the girls there was going on about how the date was also Harry Potter’s birthday (this may be around the time it stopped resonating, come to think of it…) I don’t even know if that’s true or not, because I’ve never read any of those books. I’m assuming it is true, because A)I can’t imagine what anyone would gain by lying about such a thing, and B)I just don’t care enough to google it.

But if you don’t know Harry Potter’s birthday either and yet still find a magickally influenced creative life inspiring, I’d recommend checking out the Angus MacLise exhibit at Boo Hooray gallery in Chelsea. Eric and I went to the opening reception yesterday and it’s a dazzling array of artwork, film, and poetry. There’s also a sound installation in tandem set up on Canal Street that we’re going to make it to later. There’s also a film screening tomorrow night at the Anthology Film Archive, but we probably won’t see that because my Mom is getting in from the airport and I don’t know if I can sell her after a long flight that magickal sound experimentation and psychedelia is totally her thing. It’s totally everyone’s thing! Boo-hooray.

UPDATE: Ok, curiosity got the better of me plus we’re just hanging out eating ice cream, so I googled Harry Potter’s birthday. The author said it is July 31st, for no other reason than that it happens to be her birthday. 10 seconds of my life, shrewdly spent!


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